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Torch is the first son of a Chinese Trinidadian father and a Jamaican mother who
was born in what was once Zaire, ( now Rep. Of Congo) in Africa.  Torch’s father was
an avid waterman and this greatly affected the development of Torch’s passion for the ocean and
Throughout his adolescence Torch had always embraced his African heritage and questioned the
meaning of religions. It was not until after graduating high school and the birth of his eldest son
Yusef that his quest for spirituality would evolve. He would embrace principles of the Ras Tafari
faith and become know as Ras Torch by the Rasta community.
Torch’s thirst for spiritual knowledge would lead him to study Religion, Spiritual and African
History in college and his love for nature and the ocean propelled him to pick up a surfboard and
teach himself to surf. Shortly after this, Torch began to study Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu in 1999
with renowned teacher Li Sue Hung, the brother of grandmaster Lee Koon Hung. This led Torch
into the studies of Oriental Philosophies such as Taoism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and
Confucianism. In 2013 TorchHadimHakim began studying WingChun Kung-Fu with
GrandMaster Moy Yee-Hop, the student/disciple of GrandMaster Moy Yat, who is the
student/disciple of the Legendary Great GrandMaster Yip Man. Torch became an official
Disciple(indoor student) of GrandMaster Moy Yee-Hop, and currently teaches WingChun
Kung-Fu at the Families Ft.Lauderdale location.
His involvement in a World religion class in college would eventually enable him to travel to the
African countries of Senegal and the Gambia.
After returning from African, Torch began to involve himself in groups aimed at the serving and
educating the African community such as Olugbala and Sematawi Amun Sebek. He began to
study the deeper meaning of Kemetic (Egyptian) Philosophy and History as well as the esoteric
aspect of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Torch began practicing Kemetic Yoga with Basr Neter
Aunkh Askhu who was a student of the premier Kemetic Yogi Muata Ashby . Kemetic Yoga is a
system that focuses on enhancing intake of the life force energy (prana), harmonizing the human
centers (chakras), and strengthening and aligning the spinal cord (which allows Kundalini energy
to flow freely to the crown chakra). He was certified to teach kemetic Yoga by master Aunkh and
also began the practice of Chi Kung with master Aunkh (who learned from Wayne Chandler a
student of renowned Taoist master Mantak Chia) and Metaphysicians Ras Aksum. Torch then
began studying the relationship between the Ancient Kemetic Mystery and Islam, Judaism, and
Christianity. He has been learning to read and write Arabic and Hebrew, and also studies the
esoteric and metaphysical aspects of all faiths.
Torch has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and also a raw food practitioner and advisor who prepares food on occasions for his Yoga classes and other events. Torch continues to raise himself
mentally, physically and spiritually through his external and internal practices and wishes to
share what he can with those on a similar path or more simply anyone who wishes to elevate
their lives in any form.



Take 5:

1.Favorite place to meditate?
By the ocean.

2.How did you discover yoga?
Always had a curiosity of the metaphysical benefits, and a girlfriend finally took me to a class in1999

3.What have you given up that still tempts you?
Buying Air Jordans

4.Favorite Food?
Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu with Bok Choy

5.Who or what inspires you?
Individuals with Sincere Spiritual Piety