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Class Description
New to Yoga? Been a while? Recovering from injury or surgery? This class is a great place to be. You will be guided through a series of asanas (physical postures). Slow transitions between asanas allow emphasis on alignment, pranayama (breath and subtle energy control) This class fosters mind-body integration and awareness in a  less fiery practice than most other classes.

This class may also offer pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided meditation.  Due to the slower pace of this class, you will have time to get to know your body in postures, and begin to train your mind and nervous system to recognize and appreciate an inner state of calm.

Many of our advanced Yogis know the value of taking this kind of class. All are welcome to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Class Description
Breath threads the postures into playful yet mindful flows.Vinyasa brings detoxification, flexibility and strength.  Explore both standing and seated postures. Each class is unique-sometimes back bends, balances, twists, inversions, working toward a “peak pose or a body region (hips, shoulders, core, etc. OR we may just flow, touching each part of the body via movement and intention.

The practice will wind down to a deep savasana that will polish your newly sharpened edges into a peaceful, balanced and invigorated state of being.

Those new to Yoga or to Vinyasa may feel challenged at times-no worries; We allow you YOUR experience at YOUR level. Even the most advanced Yogis know that taking Child’s Pose is sometimes the perfect place to be.


Ashtanga Vinyasa
Class Description
Meet the Mother of all Vinyasa. This is the practice our studio was based on way back in 2001.

In Ashtanga there are 6 series. We will for now be focusing on Series 1, and possibly 2.

Like Vinyasa, Breath is the key , the engine that feeds this practice. This practice offers consistency, detoxification, flexibility and strength in an invigorating, orchestrated flow.

This is an all levels class and is expertly guided.

Those new to Yoga or to Ashtanga/Vinyasa may feel challenged at times-no worries; We allow you YOUR experience at YOUR level. Even the most advanced Yogis know that taking Child’s Pose is sometimes the perfect place to be.


Minimalist Vinyasa
Class Description
Less Chat, More Mat. Similar in pace and intensity to our regular Vinyasa but fewer alignment cues and less talking from the instructor. Groove deeper into into your inner practice. Postures and transitions may be called out(example: “Warrior One” or “Vinyasa”) but without verbal alignment and other details. You are invited to explore any advanced or pared down variations.

If you are new to Yoga, we recommend that you attend a minimum of 10 of our regular Vinyasa classes before coming to this class so you are somewhat familiar with the ever changing postures and your ever changing body. This class will likely feel more intense because your inner focus will be turned up but we know you can do it!

Vinyasa Hour
Class Description
 Vinyasa Hour will energize you from head to toe and back again. Due to the shorter class time, pace may be quicker than a regular Vinyasa class. 

Stretching, movement and breath will progressively warm up your body into a flow that will get your blood and breath moving. Your brain will feel pretty good too!

All are welcome to modify.

Class Description
Begin your week with the perfect combination of movement, stretch and meditation. The first part of the class will prepare you for sitting practice with slow movement and deep stretches to clear the body of any excess energy. Once you have invited ease into your body and mind, you will experience in-depth breath and meditation practice. Explore different styles and methods of meditation to restart and reset your week.

All levels welcome.

Vin to Yin
Class Description
A fusion of strength and stillness. Class begins with a warming Vinyasa to build balance, strength and prana. Wind down with a sweet Yin practice– long holds and deep passive stretching of the connective tissue and joints to promote healing, quiet the mind and create space .

All levels welcome.

Class Description
Looking for a good stretch? Need to Relax? This class is the ultimate in Chillaxation. 

You will be lying down or reclined for most of the Yin postures. Sometimes you will be guided into some light muscle activation, but mostly all of this class is done as passively as possible. This allows access to the fascia(connective tissue) .

Holds on these stretches are sustained for anywhere from 3-7 minutes, using supports such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps as needed . Flexibility is NOT a requirement-just an open mind and a willingness to let go.

This class combines a deep, slow stretch of the connective tissues, with a focus on safe and comfortable alignment. Often in your first session, you will experience reduced tension in your muscles and joints-even a sense of space and freedom. Your mind will likely follow suit since that is how our nervous systems functions; It is like a win-win.

All levels.

Restorative Fusion
Class Description
Are you ready for the Ultimate Chill Pill?

In this Yoga class you are guided into supportive Restorative postures that invite your nervous system to tone it down.  Bolsters, blocks and blankets cradle you in the right places with just the right amount of support so that you can relax as completely as possible; It’s all about letting go.

Explore Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation techniques that also entice you in letting go.

Being in this peaceful state will reset your body and mind. As a result, you may just experience an night of amazing sleep. And a brilliant day. Or week…

Can you hear it? Bliss is calling your name.

Appropriate for all levels of experience

Alignment-Currently not offered.
Class Description
Alignment takes its direction from the Iyengar tradition. Slow, careful and detailed. Don’t be fooled…it can be hard work! Dancers and athletes value this class to gain a deeper understanding of their body mechanics. Join us for an inquiry on how your joints move, which muscles move what, and take that integrity into your other practices and activities.

Great class for all levels!

Pre Natal
Class Description
Pre Natal Yoga offers expectant mothers a way to deeply connect with their baby–and themselves. Prepare your body and mind for childbirth and beyond with a specialized sequence of postures. Benefits can include stress reduction, increased respiration, strengthening muscles needed for birth, and community and support from other Moms-to-be.

In order to honor the sacred nature of motherhood, this class is only for pregnant women.