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Class Description
New to Yoga? Been a while? Recovering from injury or surgery? This class is a great place to be. You will be guided through a series of asanas (physical postures). Slow transitions between asanas allow emphasis on alignment, pranayama (breath and subtle energy control) This class fosters mind-body integration and awareness in a  less fiery practice than most other classes.

This class may also offer pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided meditation.  Due to the slower pace of this class, you will have time to get to know your body in postures, and begin to train your mind and nervous system to recognize and appreciate an inner state of calm.

Many of our advanced Yogis know the value of taking this kind of class. All are welcome to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Slow Flow
Class Description
Somewhere in between Vinyasa and Gentle. Invite new peaceful and uplifting energy into your day. We will incorporate breath with slow meditative movements, combined with moments of stillness and deep stretches. Lots of time for alignment and finding your body.
This is a class designed to awaken the body, clear the mind, elevate your energy, release tension and trapped energy, ease pain, build strength, improve balance and flexibility.
Connect to your spirit and feel good in your body. All levels.

Class Description

With all Yoga, breath is the key, the engine that feeds the practice. Vinyasa asks that the breath finds harmony with the movements.Vinyasa came from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, but rather than a set series of postures, Vinyasa sequences change with each class and each teacher.
This guided, flowing practice offers detoxification, flexibility and strength in an invigorating, orchestrated flow. Transitions between postures are often Sun Salutations but you will also experience creative transitions. Variations/Modifications are given to turn up or down the intensity of the postures. This is faster-paced than Slow Flow(to state the obvious) ;You can always take a pause if needed. Vinyasa creates heat in the body, calm in the mind. You may just find yourself in the zone. This is the perfect practice for “Type A” minds who struggle with stillness. Vinyasa is, in fact, a moving meditation and will bring in the calm and clarity you seek. Plus you will feel damn good with a full body work-in.

Those new to Yoga or Vinyasa may feel physically challenged at times-no worries; We allow you YOUR experience at YOUR level. Even the most advanced Yogis know that taking Child’s Pose is sometimes the perfect place to be.

Vinyasa-Follow the Yogi
Class Description
Less Chat, More Mat. Similar in pace and intensity to our regular Vinyasa but fewer alignment cues and less talking from the instructor. Groove deeper into into your inner practice. Postures and transitions may be called out(example: “Warrior One” or “Vinyasa”) but without verbal alignment and other details. You are invited to explore any advanced or pared down variations.

If you are new to Yoga, we recommend that you attend a few of our regular Vinyasa classes before coming to this class so you are somewhat familiar with the postures and your ever changing body. This class will likely feel more intense because your inner focus will be turned up but we know you can do it!

Class Description
Looking for a good stretch? Need to Relax?
The first few minutes of the practice will consist of guided breathwork (pranayama). In each session you’ll explore different breathing techniques noticing the effects on your body and mind. These breathing exercises have different benefits and indications, which will be described during each session.

This will be followed by a sequence of yin poses held between 3-5 minutes each. Postures are seated, lying down and supported with bolsters, blankets, blocks as needed. While holding the Yin postures you are encouraged to feel body sensations, changes in breath pattern, and activity in your mind as you melt deeply into the Yin tissues of the tendons, ligaments, fascia, and bones. The use of props and modifications are encouraged as they help to achieve a more passive body, which allows access to the deeper and more subtle tissues; This is like a whole body meditation.

The session ends with a resting pose, savasana, where everything that was done in the class can integrate, creating a blissful sense of calmness and space in the body and the mind.
All levels.

Class Description
Rejuvenate 75 min. w/ Matt Herren
Low intensity, grounded asanas with pranayama, sound healing and meditation designed to
draw the gaze within, access deeper structures of the body and foster restoration of the mind,
body and soul. Accept, release, restore and rebalance. Use of props for supported postures,
extended holds.

Suitable for all levels.

R+R(Restorative and Reiki)
Class Description
If you love savasana, you’ll love some R+R! Treat yourself to this gentle class that reduces stress via supported postures using bolsters and hands on reiki healing along with guided breathing and meditation activating the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing the mind and body, strengthening immunity and allowing for mental clarity. Aromatherapy also has been known to make a special appearance!

Great class for all levels!

Pre Natal currently not offered
Class Description
Pre Natal Yoga offers expectant mothers a way to deeply connect with their baby–and themselves. Prepare your body and mind for childbirth and beyond with a specialized sequence of postures. Benefits can include stress reduction, increased respiration, strengthening muscles needed for birth, and community and support from other Moms-to-be.

In order to honor the sacred nature of motherhood, this class is only for pregnant women.

Ashtanga Vinyasa
Class Description
Ashtanga Vinyasa is the mother of all Vinyasa. Though there are 6 series of Ashtanga, this fast-paced class focuses on the Primary Series. You will be guided with Ujayi breath through a specific set of postures and vinyasa transitions. The benefit of a fixed sequence is that you gain more awareness of your breath and body since the flow becomes second nature. Also you may notice your progression via the repetition.
Though the pace can be intense, you are still encouraged to honor your body. Assists and modifications are always offered. Teachers are here to help. All levels are welcomed.