Lindsay was introduced to yoga in 2013 by a friend. Yoga was not in the forefront until an injury occurred in 2016. She was determined to heal through alternative practices and dove deeper into her yoga experience. She began her journey with Ashtanga Yoga at Red Pearl. She eventually flowed into contortion training for a year, while continuing her ashtanga practice. After years of structure, her curiosity led her to other opportunities in the yoga world, including Hot yoga, Anuttara Raja Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.

In 2022, she became a certified Yoga instructor. Her belief is,”the path or practice of yoga is not linear or one way- as we continue to practice we go deeper into ourselves and truly blossom while taking our physical form with us. We think we have control; but we do not. ” Yoga has been a rock for Lindsay in a world that continues to keep on going.

Take 5:

Favorite place to meditate?
In nature, especially at the ocean.

How did you discover yoga?
Through a friend when i was not even looking; Yoga found me

What have you given up that still tempts you?

Favorite Food?
Ramen and Dim Sum

Who or what inspires you?
My faith and gratitude for this life