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Linda is a certified yoga teacher with advanced teacher trainings.Her other certifications include Reiki level one, trauma-informed outreach teacher training, and more than ten years of experience as a weight loss and wellness coach.

With an ever-expanding awe of the teachings of yoga philosophy and a desire to explore deeper into her own practice, Linda attends workshops on a regular basis. She urges others to practice yoga regularly not only to bring balance in mind and body but to remain compassionate and kind in our approach towards life.

Linda’s accessible, multi-level classes are full of energy, fun, and a little dharma talk to feed the soul. Class with Linda promises to leave you blissed out-and in.

Take 5:

  1. Favorite place to meditate?
    By the water.
  2. How did you discover yoga?
    My doctor.
  3. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    Doing my kids’ art projects.
  4. Favorite food?
  5. Who or what inspires you?
    Kindness and risk-takers. Music, definitely, music.