Emmy is a certified and registered occupational therapist as well as a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner . She has shared yoga & mindfulness throughout Broward county including public and private schools, private psychotherapy practices, Holy Cross Hospital’s rehabilitation and acute care staff, private businesses and the community. She integrates her skills and experience as an OT to address self- awareness and reflection, while promoting personal growth and bringing community together. Emmy is also known as The Mindful OT on social media, and is the creator of Mindful Holistic Wellness.

Take 5:

  1. Favorite place to meditate?
    Outside in nature.
  2. How did you discover yoga?
    I discovered yoga while I was in graduate school. It supported me in navigating the stress that came along with being in an intense masters program.
  3. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    Coffee…. I go through phases lol. Can’t say i’ve given it up.
  4. Favorite food?
    Love me some good sushi!!!
  5. What inspires you? Music has a way of lifting me up and making me want to dance. Whether it’s merengue, bachata, ballenato, afro beats, reggae, house ….  you’ll catch me smiling and dancing to it.