Ashtanga Immersion with Greg Nardi @ Red Pearl Yoga
Apr 30 @ 6:30 am – May 3 @ 8:30 am
Ashtanga Immersion with Greg Nardi @ Red Pearl Yoga

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Ashtanga Immersion with Greg Nardi
Fri Apr 30 – Mon May 3rd

Fri 6:30am- 8:30am GUIDED PRIMARY

This class will follow the full primary series of ashtanga yoga.  We will use the traditional vinyasa count and sanskrit asana names along with cues for getting into and out of each pose.  All levels are welcome, but this is an advanced class.  You may skip or modify poses as necessary.


Sat, Sun, Mon 6:30am-8:30am ASSISTED SELF PRACTICE

This is a self-paced class following the ashtanga yoga primary series.  Everyone practices from memory or can request a card with pictures of the primary series to follow along.  The teacher will assist each student individually to find the approach to practice that works best for them.  All levels of students will practice as much of the series as is beneficial.  The teacher is available to offer guidelines and support.



In this asana clinic we will break down the main poses of primary series focusing on refining alignment, and explore exercises to build strength and flexibility related to key poses of primary series.  Appropriate for all levels.


Sun 12:30pm-2:30pm –ASANA CLINIC Q&A

Ask questions about yoga theory, philosophy, or practice.  This workshop is all about you and your questions.  Bring a mat and yoga clothes so that we can explore your answers together.


There will be no single sessions allowed for Guided Primary or assisted self practice sessions. However the workshops may be taken separately.



4 days of Morning practice – $100

Workshop Saturday $35

Workshop Sunday $35

Full Immersion – 4 morning practices and 2 workshops- $150- (this option is located in the 4 Morning Practice section when you go to the registration link-be sure to choose the $150 and not the $100)


This immersion is limited to 10 students. Masks are optional during the practice but still are required when off your mat. This is a very special opportunity to dig deeply into your practice with one of the BEST!

Greg’s teaching draws from his 24+ years of personal practice, ongoing self-study and academic research in contemporary and traditional Yoga. He also draws deeply from his studies of sanskrit chanting and yoga philosophy in Mysore, India and asana at the KPJAYI. He is the director of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide, teaching yoga practice, theory and philosophy internationally.

In 2019 Greg chose to resign his authorization from the KPJAYI to be in integrity with his core values about teaching, learning and life. He now works with his colleagues at Amāyu yoga developing an organization and learning pathway for Ashtanga teachers that is consent driven, practitioner centered, and based in practitioner empowerment.

“I believe in the healing power of yoga for all. My style of teaching assists students in finding an approach to the practice that is most beneficial for them.