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We love this recent Google review from Dan. Thank you Dan!
Class with Keegan was fantastic. The meditative opening set to a simple tune of minor chords played on a harmonium set the tone of her morning vinyasa class. The hour session was well-paced, with a focus on alignment and connecting the breath to the flow of movement. As a one-time visitor to the studio, I immediately felt welcomed. Being in the studio filled with morning light, it was one of the first times I’ve had an instructor ask, ‘is it cool enough for you?’ While not a hot yoga class focused on stretching into pretzel shapes, the class was definitely tough in it’s focus on slow, deliberate movement. I know where I plan to go for my practice the next time I’m in town.”

YOGA FEST  2.23.19

Join us and cast of hundreds all vibing in the park for a day of yoga, community, eats, artists, music and fun. Karen G. teaching at 4pm.

Click Here for details and sign up