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Originally from South Florida, Keegan returned here after ten years in California.  She has been a passionate educator for over 15 years, working with  individuals and community organizations. She specializes in personal development workshops and trainings to youth and community members around activism and empowerment.

It was in San Francisco that her yoga practice formed and deepened. Yoga presented the opportunity for her to heal from many of life’s challenges. She found it tapped into her inner strength, bringing forth a new sense of self, and a renewed path for life.

Through this present awareness to the breath and body, Keegan inspires her students to take what happens on the mat out into our everyday lives. Unlearn ineffective patterns of being, rewire our minds and bodies, and to step out into the world with a clearer sense of ourselves and our purpose to address life’s challenges with enhanced mindfulness, clarity, and strength.

Keegan’s teaching style incorporates mantra, breathwork, meditation, inspired readings, and key yogic principles for beginner and advanced students alike. She has personally benefited from the healing powers of yoga, meditation, and sound healing and is a strong believer that once we heal ourselves, we can heal the world. She is also a Doula and teaches Pre Natal Yoga- in addition to Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation.

Take 5:

  1. Favorite place to meditate?
    The beach at night, hiking through mountains, anywhere in nature
  1. How did you discover yoga?
    I went to my first yoga class in college to stretch and unwind. 
  1. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    Procrastination and ice cream 
  1. Favorite food?
    Pizza! Thai, Mexican, Italian…all of it! 
  1. Who or what inspires you?
    Everyday life. Each day I find someone or something that sparks something in my heart.