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Janelle is a native Floridian and earned her first teacher training certificate online so she could fill in at her local YMCA. Since 2004 Janelle has been building her education and career on health and wellness.  Along with being a certified 200 hour yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience she is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Personal Trainer, and an Assisted Stretch Therapist.  She is currently adding to her base of knowledge with courses in cupping, kinesio-taping, and myofascial release which are all pain relief massage practices and sports therapies. She has based her career around relieving pain and spreading happiness. For her, Yoga bridges all of these therapies.

Janelle blends her understanding of Yoga philosophy with her knowledge of anatomy to create a balanced class that can always be tailored to fit all levels of practicing yogis.  She is all about taking the time to dive deeper, breathe deeper, and enjoy the moment.

Janelle’s mission on this earth is to spread the understanding of light and love; She believes that the best way to do that is to find that light and love in yourself first.

Btw, in her spare time, Janelle is a Mermaid. Really!


  1. Favorite place to meditate?
    Out in nature taking in the fresh air.
  2. How did you discover yoga?
    Yoga discovered me-at a Jamba Juice in Boca.
  3. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    My ego.
  4. Favorite Food?
  5. Who or what inspires you?
    Gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, and understanding what love really is.