Emma grew up around yoga, fitness and wellness in her immediate and extended families; It is no surprise then, that while studying Psychology at the University of Boulder, Emma earned a CorePower Teacher Training certification.

And as much as she loves the workings of the physical body, Emma also is intrigued by more subtle powers of the body and spirit. She recently received her Reiki level II training in order to gain a deeper understanding of energy and healing. Her love of yoga and meditation really shine when she’s teaching and connecting with students.

Take 5

  1. Favorite place to meditate?
    In my bed with candles and sage burning.
  2. How did you discover Yoga?
    My mom and aunt- Laura Goldman and Linda Clark.
  3. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    Late night snacking.
  4. What is your favorite food?
  5. Who or what inspires you?
    Seeing people do the right thing and having compassion for all humans and animals.