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When Bill discovered Yoga he already had a background of teaching Qi Gong and 7 years of spiritual guidance from  master Sunyata Saraswati. Bill knew that he wanted to teach Yoga and incorporate all of the teachings he had been given wherever he could. He got certified to teach Yoga in 2012.

This pre-Yoga education and experience really assisted Bill in understanding the subtle energetic aspects of  the Yoga practice.  And, as a competitive athlete the asana practice gave Bill an edge that allowed better performance, and his restorative practice provided faster recovery.

Bill attributes an understanding of the effects of Yogic breath practices to be his upper hand in teaching. As an advanced Yoga Nidra guide, Bill  also conducts Nidra workshops. He enjoys an energetic and demanding self-practice, yet teaches gentle, yin, and restorative classes most often.  Off the mat Bill is a Kriya practitioner and enjoys Bhakti yoga daily. Always available to assist others with their own understanding of the various practices in the Yogic way of living, his compassion is key.


1.Favorite place to meditate?
In or near water.

2.How did you discover yoga?
Attended a Make A Wish Foundation CharityYoga Event  –

3.What have you given up that still tempts you?
As a recovering addict, you can only imagine!

4.Favorite food?
South Indian. Vegetable Korma!

5.Who or what inspires you?
Time spent with Goswami Sunyata Saraswati – Om vajra jnana Sunyata siddhi padme hum!