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Ashley is a wanderer and artist, and her life has brought her to many a place–from light to dark and each shade in- between. She has had a myriad of life changing experiences, and been through a great deal of eye-opening leaps of faith. Yet not one of the moves she’s made, or paths she’s followed, quite compares to what happened when she fell into the world of practicing and teaching Yoga.

After years of running from the trauma of the past, she finally faced her fears and turned full time to the practice in 2017.  This deep delve allowed her to face things she was most unwilling to–placing her back inside her body and finally understanding what it feels like to actually live within her days.

Sharing this path of healing was just a natural progression, and Ashley quickly realized her dharma was intricately linked to helping others on the path of yoga.  Becoming certified in Orthopedic Yoga Therapy gave her ample tools for understanding the human body and its modern patterning of aches and pains, thus leading to a deeper dive of other forms of yoga.  Quickly becoming certified in Yin and Prenatal, Ashley now has a full repertoire of teaching tools.

Holding space for all bodies and all minds is at the core of everything Ashley does, and she draws upon breath work, meditation techniques, and the intricate link that we all have to the Universe in order to offer unique and masterful classes.


Take 5:

  1. Favorite Place to Meditate?
    Outside with a breeze.
  2. How did you discover yoga?
    P90x <(:–when I was in my 20s
  3. What have you given up that still tempts you?
    Tofu, believe it or not.
  4. Favorite Food?
    Eggs in a Basket.
  5. Who or what inspires you?
    My best friends; They’re all so bad ass.