New Moon Cacao & Reiki Ceremony

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April 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Red Pearl Yoga
904 n. Flagler Drive
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33304
Red Pearl Yoga
New Moon Cacao & Reiki Ceremony @ Red Pearl Yoga


New Moon Reiki and Cacao Ceremony

Tap into to your highest self under April’s new moon through plant medicine and Reiki energy. On this evening of moon magic and bliss, invite your inner light to shine brightly. Reconnect / deepen your connection with all that is.

We have invited three powerful women to guide you toward your ultimate state of “oneness”.

Hannah Weintraub, who teaches a weekly R & R (Reiki and Restorative) class with us, Jenessa Stearns, a long-time student of Red Pearl and now a teacher and community leader, and our beloved Tonee Detweiler, who taught with us for many years and gave our students so much love.

The evening will focus on two forms of spiritual elevation:

Reiki, to help open and create space in every realm of your life, and Cacao, to open the heart center and balance the heart, mind, and body’s energies.


Jenessa Stearns will begin the evening with a Cacao ceremony.

Cacao is chocolate in it’s natural state. The harvest and extraction process of cacao is precise and takes a good deal of time and attention.The large tree grown pods are harvested, and then buried underground for months at a time for the fermentation process. Once fermented, they are cut open, and the flesh and pulp is separated from the nibs(the part used to make chocolate) Then the nibs, once extracted, are roasted at a specifically determined temperature to bring out depth and flavor of the cacao while still maintaining its nutritive oils and healing properties.They are then ground, being mindful to keep the temperature low so as not to separate the oils.
This particular blend is has been blessed by a Shaman to invite a deeper, authentic love-based connection with yourself and others. We will serve it warm and frothy, blended with a bit of organic coconut oil(and sometimes slightly sweetened, depending on the character of the roast/blend) . Everyone will set an intention for the evening that will nourish their soul. Like a sacred toast to the Universe…with Chocolate!


The Reiki circle will be led by Hannah Weintraub

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation; It promotes tremendous healing and an elevated state of being. Enhanced with a luminous Moon Meditation, we will pave the way for bliss and possibilities for your life.
Reiki Practitioner and RYT Tonee Detweiler will be moving through the room, giving people individual healings as the airwaves vibrate with sound from the crystal healing bowls.


Pricing is $35, $40 at the door( if space available). We are keeping this event small and intimate.

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