We moved to The HIVE!

Our new location is in the up-and-coming  Mass District in Flagler Village. It is less than one mile from our former location. We are directly BEHIND Sears on Sunrise/US1 at the curve.
We are co-creating a community with  hand-chosen shops, galleries and restaurants offering excellent food and drink, shopping and entertainment. Easy to get to. Lots to explore. And parking! Free parking!

Here are a few of the highlights of the new space

~Additional Classes(early morning/mid day)
~Spacious warehouse style with tall ceilings and good ventilation. Sexy lighting too.
~Tons of usable wall space
~Abundant natural light- sunsets are amazing!
~Free Parking
~Street level entry- so we may accommodate more students with special needs.
~Studio temperature is cooler when weather is hot, and warmer when it’s cool due to the building construction/positioning/temperature control.
~Property management and a neighborhood association(MASS District) to keep things rolling smoothly.

~Great business neighbors that we are sure will become your favorites-cafe, craft beer and cocktails, restaurants,  bakeries, and more coming!
~Going Green: We have re-purposed some of our elements from Red Pearl, and redesigned them to create a more flexible  Yoga space that can also accommodate neighborhood-friendly events and art happenings.

We are all about a fresh, greener start with  efficient fans and lighting -that also meet our aesthetics. And our toilet flushes quickly! lol

2016 was a year of simplifying and letting go. A clearing out of things, situations, and relationships that kept us feeling weighted.  It was a year of preparation for 2017, which is proving to be all about  forward movement , re-creating and re-defining. It’s about stepping into what we have been becoming all along.

We are so grateful that you have been our inspiration and part of our journey and we hope you will continue to grow alongside with us in this exciting new phase. Thanks to all of you who contributed-your energy, $, time and love. Thanks for being alongside us on the mat.

With Gratitude,

Karen G and the Red Pearl Family