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The place to find your yoga in the southeastern US

In a city sometimes known as today’s ‘Venice of America’ because of its elaborate canal system, Fort Lauderdale also holds a few yoga gems that are celebrated among local yogis.  One of these is Red Pearl Yoga, tucked away on the bank of the Middle River, on the second floor of a space that breathes the sun’s light and the ocean’s breezes from the east…

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testimonials Hi, I just wanted say thank you so much for the Monday night donation class. I have been going to the class for quite some time and never miss a week. It has done so much for me. Although it is hard to describe to someone there is a certain feeling to  your place, a calmness and peacefulness that you feel whenever you are there. The people that come and go are always very nice and of course what makes it so special is every teacher is a gem and I am so glad to have found Red Pearl.  Thanks
~ Pat
testimonials I just want to say how much I enjoyed practicing Ashtanga Yoga at the Red Pearl Yoga studio while on my visit from Houston, Texas. Although this was my first time practicing this style of yoga and was not familiar with some of the Asanas, I felt so invigorated after the class. I would like to extend a special thanks  for guiding me through the practice . I will be sure to make Red Pearl my away from home studio while visiting Fort Lauderdale in the future, and will recommend it to my fellow yogis from Houston.
~ Namaste
testimonials It was a pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to take some classes at your studio last week. It really made my stay!!!!I enjoyed some of the unique things you have created for your studio, the clothes exchange and book letting….Great and creative ideas. All of the teachers were very nice.  If you ever make it out to Santa Barbara let me know. We have a little mountain top cabin and ranch in the hills of Santa Barbara.I am not sure when I am coming back down to FLL. My husband will be working in Florida for a month or so and I may come down for a visit again this winter.
~ K. R. , Santa Barbara
testimonials Just wanted to let you know how very very much I enjoyed attending classes. We’re fortunate to have a family house in Fort Lauderdale and I’m so glad to have found you so that I can stay in touch with my practice while I’m in town. I practice with Baron Baptiste here in town and I told him all about you and how much I adore you all! I will most certainly be back soon, hopefully in mid-March.Again thanks from my body and me, for helping me have an even more relaxing and wonderful stay than usual in Fort Lauderdale! I have and will continue to spread the word about Red Pearl.
~ E.H.  Boston 

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Church on Saturday

When I was growing up, the only times I remember going to church on a Saturday was either to attend a wedding, attend a Saturday Mass (so we wouldn’t have to go on Sunday), or the rare occasion Christmas eve fell on a Saturday. I remember my parents joking about how Catholics would attend Saturday evening Mass so they wouldn’t have to show up in church on Sunday with a hangover…although I later figured out the joke really was derived from personal experience. As I grew older, and became more aware of various religions I discovered there were different groups that attended Saturday service for other reasons including, but not limited to those of the Seventh Day Adventist faith and some messianic Jews. But let me get back to the point.  For any of you that have read my posts, you’re aware that I’ve been in search for a house of worship for quite sometime.  I’ve been seeking one that truly accepts everyone and one I accept as well.

This past weekend I had one of those “AHA” moments and I may have found a place to go on Saturday that offers everything I’m seeking in building and maintaining healthy spirituality…and no, I’m not talking about having a margarita on the beach. On Saturday, I awoke from my slumber to find myself feeling quite refreshed.  I thought I would take advantage of this and I headed out to Red Pearl Yoga to attend the one and a half hour Gentle Hatha Yoga class that starts at 10:00 a.m.  I’ve taken various yoga classes before but I must admit, I’m not a regular attendee, so this isn’t something that’s the norm for me.  In fact, yoga isn’t something I’ve been particularly drawn to, but for some reason I went without giving it much thought, much like many go to church on Sunday without contemplation.
When I arrived, the thought ran through my mind that it was very similar to going to church in many respects.  The people in the class came from all walks of life.  Some were young, some were old, some were men, some women and there were many ethnicities as well.  I also realized much like those who attend church we were all there for the same reason, to do something good for ourselves, but without the fashion show.   The structure of the class also has similarities to a church service as there is a distinct beginning, interim and conclusion. As the class began, I felt myself transcend into a different place.  It was one of those rare times I was really in the moment.  I wasn’t thinking about the million things I had to do later that day.  I wasn’t thinking about how I could rectify what I feel I’ve failed to yet accomplish in my life.  I was simply there and I was completely and spiritually lifted, finding myself wanting to be a better person and allowing that positive energy to flow into the universe with the hopes it would positively impact others.  For one of the first times in my life, I was giving thanks for all the goodness in my life without consciously saying “thank you”.

But it was at closing section of the “service” that I became most moved and the “AHA” moment was realized.  As I lay still, almost numb, allowing my mind and body to completely disconnect, a message of hope came from the instructor’s mouth that could have moved a mountain for me.  She said; “Once we let go off all that we possess, once we let go off all we regret, once we let go of all we want and once we let go of all our negativity and everything else that isn’t productive in our lives, all we have left is love.” The next thing I knew, a tear was gently streaming down my cheek.  I felt it turn from warm to cold as it traveled down my face, a sensation I’ve previously never taken the time to feel.  Although I couldn’t see what was happening, it was beautiful.  But perhaps more important, it wasn’t a tear of pain, sadness or sorrow and it wasn’t a tear of joy.  Rather it was a tear of release and learning to let go and feel the love I have within, most importantly, the love I have for myself. Something I never take the time to feel.

Could this be my “church”?  What are your thoughts?

~ J.H. Fort Lauderdale

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We made Justin’s Top 7 !