Yoga Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Time

The paradox of how taking out quality time for yourself creates more space to be present for the other people and projects in your life.

Take Time to Make Time

It sounds odd, doesn’t it? If we already don’t have enough time to do the everyday things we are obligated or committed to,not to mention the unexpected things that appear, then how can we possibly justify taking a 90 minute Yoga class? “I could do ALOT in 90 minutes”, We think. Yes, we could, but DO we?

If you are honest with yourself, then the answer may well be “no”. It’s easy to take those few quiet moments we find in between kids, or projects or errands and sit in a semi-catatonic state, checking messages, Facebook, Instagram or whatever it is that catches your attention. “Well, it’s only a few minutes so I can’t really do any thing else, right?”

But yes, you can. Maybe you cannot get to a class, but there is a chance you know enough Yoga to take yourself through a set of conscious breathing, or a few sun salutations . 5-15 minutes can make a huge difference in how you come back from that little break. What if you felt more invigorated than if you napped? It could happen and is likely to happen. Getting the blood flowing,  breathing with full awareness for a few minutes, and without distraction offers a huge advantage to all the usual alternatives. The hardest part is getting up from your desk, or out of your car. Or saying “no”. No is the new Yes.

Another way this paradox works.
If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a very open work schedule, you may have noticed how much you squandered your free time. It’s easy to procrastinate the small things because there is always the next day or the next block of free time.  Only problem is the small things can really pile up and then maybe they aren’t so small anymore. But when there is structure, scheduling, and boundaries, more things get done. And more freedom is created through organization,




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