On the Wall Yoga Workshop- Judy Weaver & Elizabeth Scheer

On the Wall Yoga Workshop


Investment: $75

This yoga workshop is intended to reinforce and fortify your physical and mental connection with your asana practice. 
Our objective is for you to:
  • move more efficiently
  • enhance your ability to sense the relative position of your body parts in space (proprioception);
  • maintain the integrity of your breath during movement;
  • feel how your joints are moving and understand the integral role they play in your physical well-being;
  • grasp the interconnections of your mental and physical systems and how making this association may bring a deeper awareness of Self; and, in summary,
  • learn to create effortless effort.  
These goals will be accomplished via a three-hour program  in which we utilize the studio wall to help you establish your foundation, breakdown Sun Salutation A & B, and explore each pose individually. 
We will also delve into seated yogi-abs and prone backbends, to cultivate core strength. 
Building upon this, you will then work to find your foundation while balancing on a StrongBoard – an innovative, dynamic prop, that creates the experience of a “moving wall.”  Exploring standing postures and seated yogi abs on the StrongBoard will create an integrated connection to your core and extremities. 
By the end of this workshop, participants will begin to feel confident and fluid transitioning through Sun Salutation A & B.  Please bring your yoga mat and a towel as well as an optional light snack and note pad.
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Event information
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