Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

LOVE YOGA?  Ready to teach? or just wanna to dive deeply into your practice?

▸13 Weekends

▸10+ Leading Yoga & Mindful Living Educators / Professional 

▸Private Mentoring 

▸Gentle Hatha or Vinyasa Flow Track

This premier Yoga training embarks you on a profound journey of self – discovery; empowers you to become the best person you can be; offers a holistic, well rounded, comprehensive training to build a foundation upon which to teach the ancient art & healing practice of Yoga in a creative form drawing from your personal practice – Gentle Hatha to Power Vinyasa styles.

 You do not need to have the desire to become a Yoga teacher to participate. Simply deepening your knowledge and experience can add so much to your practice and self knowledge.



History & Philosophy: 

Intro to 8 Fold Path of Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Sutras and more. 

Hatha Yoga: Asanas, Pranayama Practices, Mudras, Bandhas & Meditation Techniques.

Anatomy & Physiology: fundamentals of the human body and its mechanics, emphasize the key musculo-skeletal structures as they relate to asana, indications and contraindications of postures as well as anatomy of the subtle bodies. Injuries and limitations insights. 

Prana & Subtle Energies:

Intro of various pranayama practices, Vayus, Chakras, Koshas, Nadis & more… 

Teaching Methodology:

Techniques, Practices & Integrations: 

Learn basic, intermediate asanas and complex asanas, how to cue, proper breath coordination, lines of energy, modifications/ variations of poses, props & supported poses, intelligent & creative sequencing and adjusting/assisting. 

Class planning, themes, creating a supportive environment for self and students, adjusting for a class’ specific needs, observing and reading bodies.  

Learn to teach a basic hatha sequence and also vinyasa sequence with proper sequencing. 

Insights Vinyasa vs Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative & Yin Yoga, Kids & Prenatal, Kundalini & more. 

Practicum, Presentations & Exams:

Private mentoring, daily journaling, create a self/home practice, opportunity to practice teaching, class & online participation required  & final exam is teach 1 class & short written essay about yoga journey.   

Lifestyle & Ethics: 



Seva & Homework:

teach a free community class, support a charity of your choice, 20hrs (around total of (non-contact) classes exploring of types of Yogic styles & complete all homework readings. 


Business of Yoga:  



Lisa Pumper (lead teacher & director) 

ERYT 200, YACEP, Vinyasa & Restorative Fusion Teacher, 200 & 300hr TT, Founder & Director yoga cOMmUNITY of Florida, Founder & Director Fort Lauderdale Beach Yoga & Fitness by Donation, Co- Founder & Produce The Zen Cruise & Destinations.,,

Cecilia Lester (co lead teacher) 

ERYT 500, YACEP, LMT, ViniYoga Therapist, Physical Therapist.

Jennifer Grace 

voted Miami’s number #1 Life Coach by New Times, Hay House author of Directing Your Destiny, owner The Creative Insight Journey 

Greg Nardi

ERYT 500, Level 2 Authorized KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute of Mysore Teacher, Co-Owner Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide.


Rishi Eric Infanti

ERYT 500, YACEP, MA, LMT, Vinyasa, Yin & Ayurveda Teacher.

Sharikay Sloboda

RYT500, YA Kids Yoga TTC, Yin Yoga, Red Pearl Teacher

Karen Gavrilov

RYT200, founder/director/owner Red Pearl studio, Vinyasa based

Kate Dufort Brescia 

RYT200, Vinyasa based, lead Red Pearl Teacher

Adam Bator

RYT200, Vinyasa & Yin based, Red Pearl Teacher


+ PLUS other esteemed guest teachers TBA


DATES: April 2 – June 30

In classroom: 8am – 6pm Saturdays + some Sundays 

Online: 1 our each week at your convenience.

Private mentoring: 2+ hours each month 



$2,900 paid in full // $3,300 payment plan

– work exchange discount & partial scholarships available – 

★ Limited to 12 spaces so that quality of training stays elevated★ 



Lisa Pumper for info/register at 954.609.9074 or



Red Pearl Yoga Studio – Fort Lauderdale­­ 

 Red Pearl has been a leading studio in Fort Lauderdale for over 17 years. It has been voted: 

  • Best Yoga Studio 2013 (New Times & Readers’ Choice New Times)
  • Best Yoga Studio 2009 (City Link)
  • Best Yoga Studio 2009, (New Times People’s Choice)
  • Best Mind/Body Experience 2008 (Gold Coast Magazine)
  • Best Yoga Studio 2008 (New Times)
  • Best Yoga Instructor, Karen Gavrilov 2007 (City Link)



* Trainees must attend & participate 80% of the in classroom sessions in order to graduate. 

*Alumni welcome to attend any amount of core classes as refresher in future 200hr trainings for free. 

*All Trainees receive 20 complementary Red Pearl classes to attend during training dates. 

* Our core portion of the training is based on practices from the Krishnamacharya lineage (Jois, Iyengar, Desikachar, Devi), and guidelines for postures are under the linage as well as more recent insights of functional anatomy, bio-mechanics and kinesiology.

* In addition to our core hatha – vinyasa program, we offer various insightful master classes with invited guest teachers in styles such as, Thai, Yin, Restorative or Yin, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Budokon, Kids and more* 

* Guest teachers and master classes vary due to schedules. 

* Trainees must purchase 3 books that are listed in the registration forms. Printed cost around $50 / ebooks around $20.

* Computers are welcome to be brought into classroom.

* A great factor in students’ success is drawn from their personal practices- that may mean a hatha style such as either a power/vinyasa flow, a gentle/general hatha or restorative and in temperatures that suit their bodies from 70 degrees to 100 degrees…

* Red Pearl is a non-heated space for prana/energy flow with a comfortable temperature around 78 degrees. There are times when it may be 70 and then 85 -95 depending on type of practice and collective energies in the room.

*We offer 1 work-exchange discount. 150 hours of work at Red Pearl Studio (desk, errands or based on your  other skills)

* We offer 2 partial scholarships of 50% discount off tuition for someone who can not afford full tuition or plan to teach for a non-profit / government facility such as Kids or Women in Distress, United Way, AA, Police/Fire Dept, Jails, etc…

To register or get more info Please contact:

Lisa Pumper, E-RYT®, YACEP®

Mobile 954.609.9074

Yoga Educator

Co Founder & Producer, The Zen Cruise  

Founder & President, yoga cOMmUNITY of Florida

Founder & President, Fort Lauderdale Beach Yoga & Fitness

Find Lisa on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

Event information
 904 N Flagler Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, USA
 red pearl yoga
 954 828 1651