Truth Within Breathwork with Denise Dobbs

Truth Within is an exploration of your mind, body, and soul all at once; It’s a rebirth and a remembrance of your true self.


Truth Within Breathwork is a combination of rebirthing breathwork, conscious connected breathwork, craniosacral work, past life regression, and shadow work. Denise has been working for over 10 years on combining these modalities  into a totally new technique. Her focus is to gently guide others into finding the truth within their subconscious mind while breathing and teaching an internal dialogue technique to release emotions from the body.

Denise believes a great spiritual teacher awakens in the student what is inherently already there. That’s why she refers to  this work the “wisdom that has no teacher”; It comes from within.

You will share in the group, and do a writing process with a focus on the topic: “Letting Go”.
Bringing clarity to any process is where the power and transformation lie. After this clarifying exercise, Denise will guide participants through a one hour session of Truth Within Breathwork.

This is amazing work. Many of our Red Pearl teachers and staff have experienced this work with Denise, and felt the positive impact. Come see what is in it for you and your life.

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Denise Dobbs, has been practicing Rebirthing Breathwork since 2005. She trained with master teachers including Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, and Bob Frissell. Working with such a diverse spectrum of teachers has contributed greatly to the cultivation of Denise’s unique style and the ability to accommodate a wide range of clients in her practice. A diverse and well rounded approach to self healing has complimented her own personal Breathwork practice, incorporating techniques such as Vipassana Meditation and Jungian Shadow Work. Through this introspective exploration of consciousness Denise has come to understand the importance of honoring each individual’s unique journey and offers assistance to others in releasing their story. Breathwork has been powerful in Denise’s own personal life. Through her practice, she has been able to transform deep emotional conflicts and heal herself of physical ailments including chronic back pain.

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If you need to cancel, please find someone else to take your place, as there are No Refunds for this event due to limited spaces. Keep in mind that we have turned someone else away to hold your spot. Keeping a committment to yourself can be one of the hardest things to do, but we know you got this!.

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