Cupping in Motion : a new DIY approach for Yogis, Athletes, Weekend Warriors and Pain Relief

Want to explore a brand new approach to Cupping? Or maybe just explore Cupping for the first time?

Join Adriana Kaible of Flexation Massage and Body Work, and  her teaching team. This is a great way to study this form of alternative medicine. You may have seen those circular marks on the backs and arms of Olympic swimmers? especially Michael Phelps-those are the marks from cupping!

This unique Workshop combines the ancient art of cupping, with yin yoga, and creating a brand new way to release fascia tissue, promote blood flow, as well as stimulate, create and reinforce correct neurological pathways. Best of all it teaches you HOW to do it to YOURSELF!


Part 1 | Saturday, December 15 | 2:00PM-6:30PM

Part 2 | Sunday, December 16 | 2:30PM-5:00PM


Red Pearl Yoga Studio


Part 1 Only: $225

Part 1 & 2: $300

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*Earlybird $25 off with code: EARLYBIRD


PART 1: Cupping in Motion

4.5 hours

This course takes an in-depth look into anatomy, cupping history and research, movement and function, yin yoga, body reading, contraindications, and methods to assess and treat your own body for anything ranging from competitive athletics, weekend warriors, or just wanting to get pain relief.


Use cups on your own for pain relief, or how to use them through movement, like Yin yoga and stretching, to amplify the affects

Assess your own body to discover your imbalances and muscular deficiencies. Then, take that knowledge and apply the techniques learned in this class, to correct them and set measurable goals of mobility and overall muscular health

*Cups included.

PART 2: Cupping on the table

2.5 hours I Prerequisite: Part 1

After learning all the foundations of cupping, and how to treat yourself, we bring you on the table and get you cupping others!

This is 80% hands on and only 20% lecture, so you will have almost 2 hours of practice and experience with your instructor(s). Learn specific techniques, movement and a basic table routine to make you a guided expert in cupping for others.

*Additional cupping set included.

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