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 Low Back Pain

Written By Michael Kuang CPT, CES, RYT 500

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit their doctors. So much so, that it’s estimated 80% of the population will experience lower back pain at some point in their lifetime.

Muscle Strain or Ligament Sprain can cause issues of the lower back. A strain is when the muscle is over-stretched and tears, while a sprain is when the ligaments become over-stretched. These can occur when a person lifts a heavy object, twists while lifting, a sudden movement perhaps a fall or when playing sports, and poor posture over time. Strains and sprains may only hurt for a few days, then the pain should subside. Those are considered acute pain episodes.

Some other common causes for low back pain are herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and deformities like scoliosis. These would fall under the chronic low back pain category as the pain would last 3 months or more.

Using Yoga Therapy with general low back pain is shown to be very effective. Specific poses are done to relieve areas around the lower back(hips, hamstrings, etc) that can cause low back pain. An assessment is done to distinguish what areas of the body are imbalanced. Then a specific protocol is given that includes flexibility, range of motion, and strength on the areas needed.

The work, once prescribed, is most effective with consistency, as the body will respond better to frequency and repetition. Research on Yoga shows it is a great resource to help overcome back pain. Yoga helps to bring awareness to the body and addresses what is imbalanced. The breath work is also what sets Yoga apart from any other modality. Breathing is essential to allowing the body to heal, as it helps to trigger the Parasympathetic Nervous System; It is only in this state that the body is able to truly heal.

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Michael Kuang-CPT, CES, RYT 500, C-IAYT

Michael’s passion for health and fitness led him to explore Sports Medicine as well as Yoga. His East meets West mentality and approach allows him to have a wide range of tools when working with clients. He is the owner of Syphon Fitness and is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Personal Trainer that focuses on working with injuries and different health conditions. He currently serves as Chairman for the Mental Health Association of SE Florida. Also, recognized by inWeston magazine as someone who has “Mastered The Art of Reinvention” and nominated by South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine as an “Up and Comer” Finalist in the community. You may also know him from Red Pearl Yoga, both as student and teacher.

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