Awaken The Athlete Within : a 2 day workshop with Malia Hilliard

2 Day Yoga workshop with Malia Hilliard

Saturday September 8th/Sunday September 9th

3:00pm-5:30pm each day.

May also be taken a la carte.

We are so excited to bring you this Yoga workshop with Global Retreat Leader, Teacher Trainer and Co-Creator of Athletic Power Yoga, Malia Hilliard,. This wonderful teacher will join us for a two day workshop to share her unique and powerfully transformative style with our  South Florida Yoga community. As an athlete herself, Malia came to yoga through injury and has always used it as a means to heal. A mom and a teacher, she found it increasingly more difficult to fit both her gym workouts and yoga practice into her busy schedule and decided to bring the best aspects of both together

This workshop is for any Student or Teacher or Trainer, regardless of their fitness level, age or ability.

In this workshop, you will experience both the science and the magic of Yoga:

  • 2.5 Hours each day of targeted, intelligent, functional Yoga training and discussion
  • A deeper understanding of the formula of real Yoga and what makes it so beneficial
  • Pranayama techniques that fire up the core
  • Several powerful sequences you can use together or fold into your own flow
  • Understanding Cortisol and why it’s so important to reduce it 
  • Proper asana alignment to help maximize benefits and minimize injury as we add repetition
  • The difference between fast and slow twitch muscles and how to activate each
  • Superficial and deep core work and the benefits of both
  • How to cultivate Balance both internally and externally
  • Defining Functional Movement exercises and why we need them
  • Hidden benefits of deep stretches
  • Exhausting the big muscles to activate smaller muscle groups and why 
  • Insight into Yoga as Holistic exercise to cultivate Ultimate Well being


There are a lot of “trendy” new yoga styles out there today that attempt to make yoga more aerobic and add strength and resistance training.  One reason is because we don’t have time for everything AND we are learning and evolving as Yogis, that a balance of flexibility AND strength is very important to our bodies and well being.  The challenge is, that some of these new styles have deviated so far from the basic yoga formula that students no longer get the profound benefits real yoga has to offer.
Athletic Power Yoga was created with the intention of increasing overall performance and well being while adhering to traditional yoga philosophy and breath so students do get the goods of real yoga like stress relief, increased focus and decreased cortisol levels– just to name a few benefits.
Yoga by nature uses several muscle groups at once and strengthens both the core and the joints. What Mailia does it to deconstruct the postures into their fundamental movements, activate the fast twitch muscle fibers by adding some repetition and speed, and focus a bit more on standing balances to create an incredibly well rounded and powerful work out that almost everyone can do.  

In this intensive for teachers, students and trainers alike, Malia will share the techniques she uses to create scaleable, challenging and fun Athletic Power Yoga sequences that you can practice alone or fold into your own flow.

Saturday we will focus on the many ways to activate and strengthen the core in a variety of posture types.
Sunday’s class will offer a study of standing balance sequencing and leg work.
. You can get a taste of Malia’s style on her instagram page @yogasequencequeen.
This workshop is for any Student or Teacher or Trainer, regardless of their fitness level, age or ability.
Both Saturday and Sunday $90
One Day     $50
Early Bird Special (pay by August 15th) –  $45/80
Event information
 904 N Flagler Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, USA
 red pearl yoga
 954 828 1651