Monday, September 14th
Meet, Greet and Shop with Nadia Barkett, creator of GO CRUNCH YOURSELF.

Join young local mother/entrepreneur, Nadia Barkett on Monday, 9/14. She will be sampling and selling her wonderful organic baby /mama and body products from her GO CRUNCH YOURSELF line in our lobby before and after our 6pm pre natal /post natal class.
Nadia and her baby will join our other wonderful moms-to-be and moms with new babies on the mat.

Nadia walked away from a successful and lucrative career in Pharmaceutical Corporate world to embrace all of the things that really mattered to her. Having a baby can do this to you. Nadia started this new phase of her life as a new mom and the timing could not have been more perfect.

Nadia writes here about what inspired her to start the GO CRUNCH YOURSELF line.

“Being “crunchy” for me started a long time ago. Raised by a Caribbean mother and surrounded by my Caribbean family, a lot of the things that crunchy people do are things that happened and still happen everyday in the islands. I was a cloth diaper baby, my aunts MADE coconut oils, we planted herbs in our backyard and even had our own chickens. I remember when I was a kid I use to experiment with lotions and oils all the time. It was something I truly enjoyed. Now as an adult I have grown found of Essential Oils and have experimented with many blends and made some great ones of my own. When I was pregnant I started really putting more of an effort into making my own things. I knew that I wanted my baby to have the most natural life in what I call a unnatural world.
So my journey began. Joining lots of Like minded mom groups, baby wearing groups, cloth diapering groups, the list goes on. While chatting with some of these moms I noticed that they were all looking for the same things. A more natural way of living. I thought how great was this! I still think this! I wanted to start this product line not just because almost every time I posted something I made someone mentioned that I should share it, but mostly because I wanted to share this way of living. The way it should be and was.
I’m a big believer in if you take care of mother nature she will take care of you. This is what my line is all about.”