Yoga Sculpt- Krista

Scupt your Yoga Practice

This flowing yoga class weaves in mindful targeted strength and conditioning moves to sculpt and tone. Great class for those who love yoga AND resistance training/strength work. And we will make sure to take care of your core too. Activating all of those abs!  Get ready for some honest sweat and activation that will leave feeling great!

Good for Your Bones

Yoga can improve bone density by exerting pressure and torque on the muscles and joints that hold your bones in place…But did you know that adding strength and resistance training-simple moves- to your practice can make this bone building even more effective?

Expect to use props such as blocks, balls and bands. All levels welcome.

Keep your bones strong by adding this class to your Yoga classes. Bone Up!



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Life’s roller coaster has taken Krista many different places but yoga is a place she always returns to find her center. Krista started a consistent yoga practice in 2005 in Iowa City, IA. Since she