Vinyasa Hour-Emmy

Get Ready for the Best Day Ever

Our morning Vinyasa Hour will awaken and energize you from head to toe and back again. Before you make time for everyone else, make time for yourself. You will see a positive effect in your days with regular practice. 

Stretching, movement and breath will progressively warm up your body into a flow that will get your blood and breath moving to ensure a great start to you day. Your brain will feel pretty good too!


vinyasa hour yoga red pearl yoga emmy slaibe

Yoga has changed my life. What started off as a mental practice has trickled its way into every aspect of my life. As a yoga instructor, my intention is to have my students tune into their body , guiding them through the asanas, as they feel and become aware of what feels “good” , and what doesn’t, trusting that soon enough the awareness will flow off from their mats and into their lives, as it has with mine.