Slow Flow-Bill

Get Ready for the Best Day Ever

Ready or not, the morning Slow Flow class will awaken and energize you from head to toe and back again. Before you make time for everyone else, make time for yourself. You will see a positive effect in your days with regular practice. 

We will start with some gentle pranayama and movement and  see where it takes us.

Meditation, Mantra and Sound Exploration is all part of it.

You’ll warm up into a slow flow that will get your blood and breath moving to ensure a great start to you day.

This class is great for all levels and not too sweaty, so you can go straight to work or to breakfast.  

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Bio on it’s way! Take 5: Favorite place to meditate?          In or near water. How did you discover yoga? Seeking a way out of routine. What have you given up that still tempts you?