Gentle Alignment-Maral

Gentle Alignment
  1 hour and 15  minutes

As in Iyengar Yoga, you can expect a well-balanced mix of poses that gradually build strength and extension. We include longer holds with specific directions that work your muscles on a deeper level as we focus on detail. You’ll leave feeling focused, relaxed, strong and loose.

It’s all in the details. Like Iyengar Yoga, these alignment Yoga classes focus deeply on precise and optimal alignment. Postures, as well as sequencing are done with consideration for each students needs. Anatomically correct positioning is often supported with props such as blocks, straps and blankets.

Who is is for?

Alignment Based, Yoga can provide therapeutics aspects, preventing and healing injuries in Beginner to Advanced Yogis or Athletes or anyone who wants to feel great in their body. You will also build strength and flexibility in an integrated and conscious way. Taking this information into your body and to your other classes as well as activities off the mat can be life changing!

How is this  Gentle Alignment different from the Alignment Class?

This PM class has a restorative component that the AM one does not have, so you can get a nudge toward a great night’s sleep too!

Every body has different limitations and strengths; This class will help you to understand how to work with yours. Very therapeutic . All levels.

Schedule Updates

For information on (scheduled)class cancellations or holiday hours refer to the NEWS TICKER feature on our home page. You can also sign up for our email announcements, check our Facebook page. Remember to read the posts on the lobby chalkboard so you are aware of upcoming changes.

Early for Class?

Lobby opens 15 minutes before class so that we have practice and prep time. Please be patient while we get ourselves and our space ready for you.

Late to Class?

If you are more than 10 minutes late for class, you will not be admitted into the classroom.This is first, for your own safety, and secondly, in consideration of the other students’ practice; It is distracting to them and to the teacher. If there is no one at the desk, you will find the lobby doors locked.

Maral excels at a detail-oriented approach that allows students to explore themselves physically and challenge themselves mentally, all while discovering contentment with where they're at. No habla inglés?! No hay problema, aquí hablamos español!