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For information on (scheduled) class cancellations or holiday hours refer to the NEWS TICKER  feature on our homepage. You can also sign up for our emails, check our FB page. Remember to check the lobby chalkboard for upcoming changes.

  ** = $10 class please bring $1o cash, exact change
We do not accept credit cards or checks for donation classes. 

 Free Parking in our lot or the adjacent lots or on Flagler Drive.
Lobby doors open 15 minute before class.

Late to Class? If you are more than 10 minutes late for class, you will not be admitted into the classroom.This is first, for your own safety, and secondly, in consideration of the other students’ practice; It is distracting to them and to the teacher. If there is no one at the desk, you will find the lobby doors locked.


9:00am ~ Minimalist Vinyasa /instructor: Kate 
11:00am ~ Gentle /instructor: Laura
**4:30pm ~ Gentle /instructor: Celine   $10 cash exact change
 6:00pm ~  Vinyasa /instructor: Sharikay  
**7:30pm~ Vin Yin /instructor: Chloe    $10 Cash-bring clean towel


9:00am~Power Hour Vinysasa/instructor: Veronica 
11:00am~Gentle /instructor: Tonee
1:00pm~Lunch Hour Vinyasa/instructor: Laura

**4:30pm ~ Vinyasa /instructor:          $10 cash -exact  change
6:00pm ~ Vinyasa/instructor: Allie   
7:30pm ~ Gentle/instructor: Allie  

9:00am ~ Power Hour Vinyasa/instructor: Amy  
11:00am ~ Vinyasa /instructor: Kate
**1:00pm~Lunch Hour Vinyasa/instructor: Melissa  $10 cash class
**4:30pm~Vinyasa /instructor:  Amy  $10 cash exact change
6:00pm~ Gentle Alignment Yoga /instructor:  Maral 

7:30pm~Yin Yoga/instructor: Jayne 


9am~ Power Hour Vinyasa /instructor: Veronica 
11:00am~Gentle/instructor: Tonee
1:00pm~ Lunch Hour Vinyasa: Laura  

3:00pm~ Connected Warrior, a Free Class for Military & their Families
**4:30pm~Gentle/instructor: Hannah  $10 cash-exact change
 6:00pm~ Vinyasa/instructor: Kate(time move)
 7:30pm~ Gentle-Restorative/instructor: Tonee(new)

 9:00am ~ Vinyasa /instructor: Kate
11:00am ~Gentle /instructor: Celine
**4:30pm~Slow Flow Vinyasa/Chloe $10 cash- exact change
6:00pm ~ Vinyasa /instructor:  

9:00am ~ Gentle /instructor: Chloe teacher swap!
11:00am ~ Vinyasa /instructor: Justin
4:00pm~ Vinyasa Hour /instructor: Melissa

9:00am~Alignment Based /instructor: Maral 
11:00am ~ Vinyasa /instructor:  Karen G
1:00pm~Yin Yoga/instructor: Laura
 4:00pm~ Power Hour Vinyasa/instructor: Liz




For information on (scheduled)class cancellations or holiday hours read the NEWS TICKER  feature on left of our home page. You can also sign up for our emailer announcements and check the notices posted at studio chalkboard.
There are times a scheduled instructor is unavailable and  another teacher covers their class. We do not announce those changes unless they are for an extended amount of time.  Our qualified subs(mostly our own teachers) will do their best to lead the same type of class but sometimes it will be different. Bring your open mind… you don’t know what you don’t know until you experience it!