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We are in our 15th year of offering a grounded and diverse weekly schedule of yoga classes with some of the best teachers in South Florida. Red Pearl Yoga offers  Vinyasa , Gentle Yoga,Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Yin , Restorative, Iyengar, Pre Natal and a free weekly class with Connected Warrior for Military and their families.

In addition, to our regular classes, offer $10 Cash Happy Hour classes M-F , and some evenings, as well as discounted per class rates to Yoga Teachers, Full Time College Students, Military, Law Enforcement, Public School Teachers-we want to thank those who serve our community and to ensure that yoga stays accessible in our changing financial situations. We have a family of skilled and unique instructors and a few great Desk Divas who create a welcoming, nurturing Yoga experience for each student and each class. Our weekly schedule features a variety of classes for all levels.

Private lessons are available from all of our instructors. Rates vary. Please email us or speak to your instructor.

We do not heat our classes. (except  if the weather gets cold) Our two Yoga rooms-Studio Red and Studio Blue, are naturally warm due to our top floor position under the South Florida sun. Our second floor walk-up space is infused with natural light and ocean breezes. Each studio has an entire wall of windows(that OPEN!).

Our Studio Red windows face East onto the Middle River. Watch the sunrise as you make your sun salutations and the moon rise as you melt into final relaxation. Our practice spaces are divided by our lobby which is stocked with a great finds for on and off the mat.

Our Studio Blue space holds our larger classes, teacher trainings, and workshops and offers a sunset view.

Our studio is filled with finds from artists in our community. Enjoy  beautiful paintings from Lynda Zaleski,while you stock up on locally made ceramics, aromatic oils and candles, the best quality yoga mats, sweat absorbing towels for your mat, books, music and functional and stylish Yoga/Streetwear and jewelry and accessories by local designers.

We offer Massage, Acupunture, Rolfing, Facials and Life Coaching in our LOTUS PAD micro spa. In the back corner tucked behind Studio Red, The Lotus Pad looks out over the water. It’s a calming, yet energizing space , with good hands, good scents and great LMT’s to take care your body and mind. Please go to our Lotus Pad website  to meet our Therapists and learn more. Every 90 minute service comes with a voucher for a free RPY yoga class! We want you to take the time to delve deeply into your practice and a teacher training is not for everyone, so we  host Workshops and Intensive Trainings with our favorite teachers from around the corner and around the globe– Kino Mac Gregor, Marlysa Sullivan, Bryan Kest, David Williams, Jordan Bloom, Ricky Tran, Mitchell Bleir, Tim Feldman, Joe Barnett to name a few.

We are known not only for our excellent teachers but also for our well edited lifestyle shop featuring  Red Pearl Yoga Apparel— our line of T shirts is our best seller. Eye catching graphics for mat or streetwear designed by artist RPY founder Karen Gavrilov . RPY tees feature Eco-friendly printing on the softest and most stylish tees around. Our beautiful, airy spaces are also available for rental for privately-organized gatherings, and workshops. Professional  Photographers take note of our great east and west wall exposures with natural light! Available for rental. We do not supply lighting or equipment. Please ask us for rates. Hope to see you soon on the mat. We are ready and waiting to share your journey with you.

RPY Kudos!

  • Woof, woof!  What up Dog?... Woof!!!


    Yogi at Birth

  • Stretching my body. Relaxing my mind. Yoga helps me a lot to gain my balance in life.

  • Kids are our greatest teachers; It is an honor to be able teach them.


    RPY Teacher

  • While i have taken only a few classes, i can honestly say that your studio is without comparison in ambience, comfort, design, attitude, a beautiful web design, and variety of wonderful little fun things like the clothing, etc.    i'm no yoga devotee but i do like to drop in and take a class when i can. i have never experienced anyplace quite like yours which has found the balance between serious work and still having fun with what you are doing.  

    Michelle M.


  • No monkeying around here... RPY is the best studio in town! And then some!


    Primate Extraordiaire

  • I never cease to be dazzled by your endless flow of energy, your beguiling creativity and your clarity of intention. Your business model and it's execution tenaciously demonstrate the possibility that Professionally Successful Right Living is a viable choice. Red Pearl is daily proof that Conscious Capitalism can work. I see Red Pearl as iconic proof that goodness, grace and community can truly serve as powerful drivers of economic success. Thank you, Karen, for being brave enough to birth, and diligent enough to nurture this love-child . Thanks for sharing your vision and devotion. Thank you for creating the family, the community, and the phenomenon, that is......The Red Pearl.

    Diana H.


  • Breathe... Stretch...Become....

    Red Pearl Yoga

  • Two weeks ago, I visited your studio and participated in a terrific Ashtanga class. The instructor, Allie, was able to teach to the needs of a variety of levels while keeping the class flowing. She is very professional and does a great job. I have lived in Costa Rica for the past four years and am now trying to sell and relocate to South Florida. Because of your studio, I will consider Fort Lauderdale.

    Kevin M.


  • Practice and all is coming.

    Sri K. Patthabi Jois

    Father of Ashtanga Yoga

  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything.


  • Amy Ross

    RPY Teacher

  • My first Ashtanga Yoga class was a life changing experience. I was inspired to pass on the gift of Yoga by teaching it, and creating a place where people could come to learn and teach Yoga, and feel accepted, challenged, nurtured and embraced. And to have fun while doing it. Though we are serious about our Craft, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

    Karen Gavrilov

    RYP Teacher & Owner

  • We are fortunate to have this precious facility in our community fostering our growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    E. Forrest

    Student/Financial Advisor

  • There is a unique generosity of spirit at Red Pearl Yoga that makes the practice feel like something we all do together to make a better life, not just to get in shape or reach inner peace.

    Michael E.


  • Yoga is the way I keep my balance of daily life. It gives me time to  get my energy back after a long day working.

    Yoga Teacher/Student

  • I'm in love with yoga. Every single second, I can hear my body, my mind and peace from my soul. I am Compassion, Social Involvement, and a powerful kind of calm.

  • Occasionally my work drops me in FLL . I'd taken one or two classes before at Red Pearl, but this time I was in town for a week so purchased a 7 day pass. How thankful I am that I did so as Kate, one of your wonderful teachers embodied the kindness that we all hope to reflect  - I inadvertently locked keys and every bit of tech that I own in my car. Not only did she teach a class but called around to get me help so I could move through the rest of my day in a spirit of zen. Well done Kate!

    Tami S.

    Yoga Lover

  • Practicing yoga regularly keeps muscles supple, prepares us for movement, and helps us break the daily routine of a sedentary life.

    Adam Bator



    The donation class brought us back after the economy worsened and it's been great for both of us.  We have made it a priority to get off of work early on Wednesdays to focus on our well-being. As parents of two kids, with a hefty mortgage, this has renewed us physically and mentally -- while not breaking the bank financially.

    Joyce B.

    August 2009

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